We claim to own the most comprehensive and advanced piezo driving technology, addressing wearables, smartphones, tablets, TVs and automotive. PiezoDrive™ is not just a piezo driver IC product line: it's a complete system solution, from DSP to amplifier to transducer, ready to produce sound through any surface you can think of.

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  • 46Vpp driving capability, up to 10uF piezo load
  • Envelope tracking integrated 25V boost converter
  • Ultra low noise floor to enable high quality smartphone voice call performance
  • Extended input supply range to enable 1S or 2S portable systems
  • DSP algorithm suite for piezo performance control and enhancement
  • Small solution size
  • Highest efficiency in its class with supply return current reduction architecture
  • Can drive both capacitive and resistive load enabling piezo + dynamic speaker solutions
  • Target applications include smartphones, laptops, automotive, wearables, AR/VR headsets

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