Type-C PD Multi-cell Charging


Join the type-C connector expansion on multi cell portable devices by adopting our IVM5804 buck boost NVDC charger.The IVM5804 is the most advanced type-C PD buck boost charging platform. It includes a buck-boost charger with integrated power FETs, BC1.2 and type-C PD TCPC blocks, Intel platform support, offering charging currents up to 8A and system currents up to 10A, on 2S to 4S multi cell systems. It allows to enable the smallest solution size type-C charging solution in its class, more than 50% smaller than its competitors. Ideal for power banks, drones, SLR cameras or any multi cell platform where PCB space is a concern.

Evaluation Kit Available! info@inventvm.com


  • Buck boost NVDC charger with 2S to 4S support
  • 8A charging current, 10A system current
  • Integrated power FETs, TCPC and BC1.2
  • PPS support when sourcing
  • Enables parallel charging from multiple ports
  • IMVP9 ready

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