The automotive world is going through a revolution and we want to play our part: meet VoltaTek™, the next generation BMS technology for automotive and industrial battery packs, offering unprecedented system reliabilty, battery life and driving range extension, cell balancing performance and wireless management. We are targeting 15y battery life, while offering faster charging and extended range by maximizing the cell capacity, while contributing to lower the $/KWh battery cost.


  • 2x chip solution, module level IC and cell level IC
  • Module IC integrates MCU + Wireless comm + sensor hub, uses a single balancer per module guaranteeing fast and accurate cell balancing (10x-20x faster than passive)
  • Module IC provides module based humidity and gas detection, disconnecting a faulty cell before fire ignition starts. Only few sensors needed to locate the gas leaking cell
  • Cell IC with Wireless comm can disconnect/bypass each cell while monitoring temperature, V/I and pressure
  • Embedded MCU runs proprietary alghoritms at module level relieving tasks from the main BMS controller
  • Proprietary balancing, hierarchical balancing, gas and pressure sensing algorithms

Designed by ARESSIA