Synaptics Resonate Offers Integrated Audio and Haptics Solution for Embedded Display



But using the display surface (glass, metal, etc) to generate sound, driven by piezo transducers requires an extra level of signal processing and amplification, which is the reason why Synaptics partnered with Italian company Inventvm Semiconductor. The Synaptics Resonate solution incorporates Inventvm’s PiezoDrive piezo amplifier and DSP technology, creating a complete system solution to optimize the piezo transducer in any type of surface. The proprietary amplifier and algorithms generate the higher high sound pressure level (SPL) and improved loudness and fidelity, with modern, thin industrial designs.

Inventvm was founded in 2021 as a result of a management buyout of an existing R&D design center, specializing in mixed signal IC, DSP algorithms and IP development, with a specific focus on power management and audio. The company also supplies its PiezoDrive technology to TDK in their reference design for the Piezolisten piezo transducers.


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